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Biography  by Jim - Editor and Webmaster, Ohio Valley Haunts
Welcome to Ohio Valley Haunts - the tri-state's most trusted name in haunt related journalism.   We're glad you're here!
OVH is a haunted attraction promotion and review group descended from a gathering of "haunted house" enthusiasts.
Our "team" anually toured as many of the yearly  "scares" as we could find, and it was my job to write about our experiences
for various print publications that employed me at the time.  We've worked in haunts, decorated our homes, and continued the
traditions of Halloween we fell in love with as kids.  Back in "the day" as many as 10 or 20 of us at a time would get together every
weekend in October and "a haunting we would go!"  Those treasured memories include the legendary WSAI Haunted Houses, Night
of Fright, Nightmare Estates, and a spooky ol' bus ride down a winding hill to The Loveland Castle that once bounced a girlfriend off
her seat and into the aisle!  Nearly ten years ago, the Internet revolution took my often buried stories from the obscurity of limited
newspaper circulation and introduced them to the world when Gary began posting them as topics of interest on forums and message
boards of the attractions we visited, as well as on my personal homepages under the banner of OHIO VALLEY HAUNTS!  We aquired
our own domain name in 2006 with links originating from  prominent sites like Scary Ohio, cincinnati.com, etc.  The purpose of OVH
is  to promote the business while educating the general public in order to assist readers in spending their entertainment dollars wisely!
A record 108 different Haunts were visited on these pages two year ago, making OHIO VALLEY the largest media group of its kind!
We're here to acknowledge the accomplishments of the deserving, assist newcomers in improving their products, and to aid and 
direct you, our loyal fans and readers to some of the best and most enjoyable entertainment the season has to offer!  We freely
provide  personalized pages specific to each particular haunt we visit, where you'll find easy access to pertinent information such
as location, price of admission, contact information, detailed descriptions and opinions, as well as links to official attraction
 websites in our area.  OVH is based in Cincinnati, and proudly serves Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and sometimes Michigan. It's my
hope that through the writings on these pages, I'm able to inspire some of you to organize family and friends, and get out  and
enjoy some of the FUN this industry I love has to offer.  Afterall, that's how Ohio Valley Haunts was born! Invitations, requests for
reviews, comments, photos, suggestions and questions in general are welcome, and may be submitted to the e-mail address below. 
Happy Haunting!!
NOTE:  Other sites have undergone name changes through the years that has created confusion within the industry.  OHIO VALLEY HAUNTS
takes great pride in our honesty and fairness, and has work ethic that has earned the respect of our peers!  That's why you'll see OVH being
invited and recognized by certain "high-profile" attractions while similar groups are denied access!  Our ratings and opinions are NOT
influenced by bribery as is often the case with other so called "Reviewers."  We are NOT Ohio's Haunted or Haunted Ohio!  Don't  be fooled
by imitators attempting to capitalize on our hard earned reputation and accomplishments!  Demand THE BEST - OHIO VALLEY HAUNTS!
Often imitated, NEVER duplicated!  We hope you find our online home of Halloween themed attractions useful and helpful! :-)
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